The diesel idle reduction campaign is a collaborative effort of the Maryland Department of the Environment, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, District Department of the Environment, and the District Department of Transportation. While the initiative is funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, industry stakeholders’ active involvement has been helping to achieve campaign objectives.

To date, numerous national bus and truck associations and companies have participated in our campaign events, provided support, and shared recommendations for strengthening the outreach to increase awareness of the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia idling laws and regulations.

To sustain the campaign we also need your support!

Join us in this regional effort to curb idling, clean the air, and enhance the quality of life for local residents and millions of visitors to our nation’s capital and the surrounding region.

Campaign supporters can expect to see a return on their investment through increased brand visibility and media coverage. By supporting this effort to improve air quality, corporate sponsors will be able to send a green message that they are concerned about air quality and sustainable future.

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